Concentrate low copy number cells from large samples

Novel, pathogen concentration and enrichment technology

The Problem
Diagnostic testing for certain infectious diseases can be challenging, as many tests don’t currently offer gold standard sensitivity and specificity. This is exacerbated with point of care devices and can provide a false negative result in samples where there is a very low concentration of target pathogen, such as early sepsis or TB.
The Solution
CAPTURE-XT® is a novel, pathogen concentration and enrichment technology which collects and concentrates all target pathogens from a large sample volume to provide a clean, concentrated sample for molecular diagnosis. Fluorescence optics can be used for visual analysis with suitable dyes.
If required, the sample can be transferred to the Q-POC™ for further drug-susceptibility analysis or used for DNA sequencing, cell analysis or other downstream processes.

How does it work?

CAPTURE-XT® is a microfluidic, cassette-based device which generates electronic fields to induce dielectrophoresis (DEP) to polarise and specifically attract pathogen cells, separating them from a sample, allowing concentration and purification.
By flowing a sample over electrodes, we’ve been able to isolate very low concentrations of specific pathogens – currently between 10¹ to 10² target copies per ml (in starting sample volumes of between 0.5 and 5ml). Currently, CAPTURE-XT® can detect TB from a 500µl sputum sample in approximately 10 minutes.

Proposed Diagnostic Work-flow using QuantuMDx Technologies

The Result?

CAPTURE-XT® is a highly sensitive, sample-to-answer concentration technology which provides cell detection within 10 minutes. Using a low cost, disposable cassette, CAPTURE-XT® can detect a wide range of pathogens at clinically relevant concentrations.

What are our plans?

CAPTURE-XT® applications currently in development, include a rapid TB triaging test, a TB treatment monitoring test and real time drug efficacy studies. Beyond tuberculosis CAPTURE-XT® is being utilised for bloodstream infections and sepsis as well as rapid collection of T-cells from whole blood for cell and gene therapy applications.
We’re working with high profile NGOs and University of Cape Town to develop a more sensitive diagnostic test for TB and an alternative to smear microscopy.
For more details about CAPTURE-XT®

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