Answering clinical questions, fast.

QuantuMDx is dedicated to improving and democratising global health by providing transformative diagnostics to overburdened healthcare systems, empowering frontline healthworkers with intuitive, rapid, accurate and low cost decentralised testing solutions.

Our flagship product Q-POC™ will be a portable molecular diagnostic device with inbuilt DNA sequencing for highly multiplexed diagnostic and drug susceptibility testing for a few dollars by the patient’s side.

Fast Diagnosis
Accurate results in 20 minutes for same visit decision making
Rapid Action
Drug susceptibility testing for rapid, informed action against antibiotic resistance
Simple & Effective
Making doctor’s lives easier, this simple to use device will answer real clinical questions
The Internet of Life™
We are building the Internet of Life, a global pathogen monitoring system
Making molecular diagnostics accessible to all with low cost solutions
Taking stratified medicine out of the lab and into the clinic, by the patient’s side
High level of multiplexing for complex, symptom-based panel tests
Data Sharing
Sharing data in real-time to transform global healthcare management
Our next generation spin column will purify high-quality DNA for PCR, sequencing and other molecular processes.


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Q-POC Molecular Diagnostics

Globally Networking Disease Data with the Internet of Life