QuantuMDx Research Assistant – Clinical Assay (Asia)

Research Assistant - Clinical Assay (Asia)
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    Position overview

    This role requires a Research Assistant to support QuantuMDx Group’s commercialisation programme by working alongside QuantuMDx’s UK based Assay team to contribute to the development of the company’s diagnostic platform, Q-POC™.

    A key success factor for this position is the ability to work independently in a fast-paced, cross functional group environment, with a willingness to be hands-on across a wide area of responsibilities. A great capacity and desire for taking on new responsibilities and challenges is essential as the company grows and projects expand.

    Working with biologists, chemists, and engineers, the successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the development of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products in the areas of nucleic acid testing. The initial focus of the work will be to support the development of Q-POC™ assay translation and DNA-XT™, the company’s novel DNA extraction technology. The successful candidate will input into experimental design and implementation, in addition to supporting UK based research teams with their research projects. The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic, friendly, flexible team member who learns quickly, enjoys multi-tasking, and most important, has an interest in the company and our products.


    Specific Responsibilities

    • Project Lead for existing partner projects and other QuantuMDx partners
    • Coordinate and obtain approval for project/experimental plans between the QuantuMDx assay team and QuantuMDx partners
    • Execute performance testing of QuantuMDx’s DNA extraction kit and other competitive sample preparation products from blood, saliva, plasma, urine, swab, as described and detailed in existing approved documents
    • Contribute to the improvement of established QuantuMDx extraction reagents/protocols alongside the Assay team
    • Oversee the integration and optimisation of QuantuMDx sample extraction kit with Partners’ systems
    • Facilitate transfer of user techniques while using proprietary extraction kit to QuantuMDx partners
    • Contribute to improvements to concentration steps especially with large volume sample alongside the Assay team
    • Process extracted samples using qPCR assay
    • Evaluate, translate, transfer and validate partners’ Biomarker(s) onto Q-POC working together with QMDx assay team
    • Consolidate results into a report, evaluate, draw conclusions and present results in accordance with QuantuMDx quality standards. Contribute to short technology reports for ad-hoc studies
    • Maintain lab reporting standards in accordance with QuantuMDx quality policies
    • Manage and control laboratory stock levels and ordering reagents/consumables
    • Designated point of contact for laboratory matters and acting health and safety officer on behalf of QuantuMDx Asia
    • Support any clinical trial activities in Singapore and in the UK as assigned by the line manager or QuantuMDx Assay team

    Key Roles & Responsibilities

    • Performing general molecular and biological based tasks, including: assay design, bacterial culture, DNA/RNA extraction, PCR, fluorescence microscopy, saliva/plasma/urine/swab/blood processing, bacterial quantification
    • Support the development of QuantuMDx’s novel cell concentration technologies
    • Reports directly to QuantuMDx’s Assay Team Lead and Directors in Singapore
    • Assist the UK team with documenting and updating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as needed
    • Comply with safe laboratory practices in external laboratories
    • Record results accurately and in a laboratory book in accordance with company policy and GDP
    • Write accurate experimental plans and reports and work in accordance to project timelines
    • Record, evaluate and interpret results to present to line manager
    • Follow and ensure strict safety procedures and safety checks
    • Work within the company’s quality systems and policies in line with ISO13485 standards
    • Effectively interact with UK R&D teams, participate in project meetings and interfacing with assistants on collaborative programs
    • Comply with QA standards and policies and ensuring that targets are achieved

    Experience, knowledge and requirements

    • Minimum PhD (or relevant assay development experience) in life sciences, molecular and/or microbiology
    • Minimum 2-year relevant experience working in a molecular/microbiology lab
    • Knowledge of safe laboratory practice and containment
    • Ability to work with different teams of scientists, across multiple sites, to accomplish research project objectives and goals
    • Meticulous and organised record keeping
    • A willingness to learn new techniques
    • Able to maintain confidentiality at all times
    • Excellent communication/IT skills and ability to work in a changing environment on complex projects
    • Outstanding teamwork and ability to interact with external and internal partners on fast paced projects
    • Ability to work independently and within strict project timelines in the laboratory
    • Have the ability to work full time without restriction in Singapore



    • Aseptic technique
    • Ability to perform and operate Picogreen assay, RotorGene, Bioanalyser, qPCR machines
    • Experience handling biological samples such as DNA, blood, saliva, swabs
    • Having previously developed or worked with in vitro diagnostic products
    • Previous experience of assay validation
    • Knowledge of statistics
    • GLP or ISO standard experience


    The intent of this job description is to provide a representation and level of the types of duties and responsibilities that will be required of positions given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the total of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Employees may be directed to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this description.

    To apply for this role please send a cover letter and CV to hr@quantumdx.com.

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    Company overview

    QuantuMDx Asia Pte Ltd is a wholly owned Singapore incorporated subsidiary of QuantuMDx Group Limited facilitating the Group’s access Asia markets and Asia-based partners, facilities, distributors, manufacturers and specialist expertise. QuantuMDx Asia leverages QuantuMDx’s innovative diagnostic technologies alongside strategic partners in Asia to develop a pipeline of Asian-specific tests to support rapid and affordable diagnosis at the point of care.

    QuantuMDx Group is one of the most exciting life sciences tools and technology companies to emerge from the UK in recent years. Due for commercialisation in 2018, their signature device Q-POC™ is a low-cost, simple-to-use, portable diagnostic device for 20-minute diagnosis at the patient’s side. The robust device will identify the presence and strain of an infection, ensuring the right drug is prescribed first time, facilitating a more intelligent use of antibiotics. Further to this, globally distributed Q-POC™ devices will geotag and anonymise pathogen data, sending it to the cloud for real-time disease and drug resistance monitoring, and rapid detection and containment of pathogens.

    Q-POC™ is ideally suited to help address the humanitarian health burden by offering gold-standard molecular diagnostics at a fraction of the price of traditional testing. Once the device has passed regulatory approval it will be available for highly multiplexed diagnostic and drug susceptibility testing for just a few dollars, in any setting globally.